Monday, April 28, 2014

Key Information Noted in Test and Tag Sydney Report

Countless companies and business establishments hire testing and tagging Sydney to comply with the set regulations by authorities. Once the assessment is done, the property owner will need to have a copy of the report for their documentation. They might need it for future business assessment as sign of complying with standards.

If it’s your first time to hire a test and tag expert, you’re probably wondering about the information noted down on the report. The following are some information that will be written down on the report.

Test tag records. Technicians will record the tags placed on the appliances. Each tag has its unique number and other control numbers necessary for records purposes. These numbers make inspection easier for the next technician checking the appliances on the schedule. Technicians simply need to look at these tag records and they will know several information from the procedure.

Tested appliances. Aside from the tags, the tested appliances are also noted down on the report. This report will let inspectors know the number of appliances and types that the company houses. Every appliances recorded on the report include the type, brand and other conditions that will describe them to the property owner or the next technician.

Status. Status refers to the indicator whether appliances passed testing and tagging or not. Some appliances were tested and passed immediately. However, some appliances are required undergo repair first before they can pass the assessment. Aside from the pass and fail status, the record will also indicate whether several procedures were done to help them pass the testing. Repair procedures and replacements were noted right on the report for documentation purposes.

Historical test records. Reports don’t only concentrate on the current testing procedure. It also takes note of past testing done in the company. Historical test records will indicate how a company complies with the standards. Seeing on the records that the company’s appliances passed the test will leave positive impression for the employer. This is vital, especially when the company is assessed again in the future, since compliance is something every company should achieve as indicated on the Australian standards.

Next test schedule. Technicians conducting test and tag Sydney will not only note down current test results and status on the report. They will also indicate the next testing schedule according to the appliances. Certain appliances need regular inspection schedule, ranging from three months to a year. Company managers must follow these schedules to ensure compliance in the process.

Technician’s name. Reports are not only limited to status and schedules. Technicians’ names must also be placed on the report for reference. Experts testing appliances should be certified individuals and authorities will double check whether the technician is someone eligible to do the job. Many companies tend to hire technicians that are not certified to do test and tag for a company.

Reports should be obtained after testing and tagging. Ensure that the professional you’ll hire will give you such report after completing the test. Call today and let an expert test and tag your appliances.

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